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GSoC - Weekly update 9 and 10

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I've been busy the past two weeks with some personal stuff so I got a little behind. Here's what happened in the GitLab front.

Finish packaging remaining gems

Now, all (hopefully) runtime dependencies are packaged and pushed in my public gitlab-repo. The majority of them are not ready for official submission in Bugzilla, but I kept track of those that pass the standards in order to be submitted. Unfortunately they are only 5...

yajl-ruby (already submitted https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=823351)

For now I have also packaged the forks as they need some more work to be accepted in Fedora. Here I have pointed out their differences with original gems.

GitLab deploy

I deployed GitLab in Fedora 19 on a VPS following the standard installation, meaning all gems are bundled under vendor/bundle/. You can visit it, but it may not be functional as I am now in the process of replacing the bundled gems with the system ones. Expect more info on this in a following post.

Coordinate packaging with Debian

In other news, I found out that Debian is also in the process of packaging GitLab, so I contacted them through their Ruby ML regarding this. If you follow the discussion you will understand that the main problem for them is also how to package the forked gems. Hopefully we will come to a solution.


  • Build dummy gitlab.spec with all runtime Requires for easy test install
  • Use bundle install --local and progressively test the required gems