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GitLab gem install benchmarking with bundler 1.4

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It appears that the new bundler 1.4.0 will support parallel gem installation. Thanks to thoughtbot's post that brought that to my attention :)

Now, since I've been dealing daily with GitLab for the past four months, I thought it would be a good candidate for testing.

I tried it on my production server which is a QEMU VM machine. Here are the specs1:

Operating System  : Debian 7
Linux kernel      : 3.2.0-4-amd64
RAM               : 4GB
CPU               : 4-cores

On to the installation of bundler's pre version:

gem install bundler --pre

Next step the actual benchmarking. Make sure you either perform a new GitLab installation or remove the vendor/bundle/ directory. I used the same command the official installation suggests:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle install --without postgres development test aws

and I kept track of the output of four different numbers of jobs to run in parallel. As you'll see, the recommended option is to use as many jobs as your cpu cores.

Next table depicts the difference in gem installation time which is pretty impressive.

#jobs time % difference
1 (default) 281.91s user 47.21s system 39% cpu 13:43.34 total -
4 286.28s user 48.60s system 104% cpu 5:20.65 total 61 %
8 267.65s user 43.41s system 128% cpu 4:01.71 total 71 %
12 262.71s user 42.90s system 136% cpu 3:43.31 total 73 %
16 256.37s user 41.47s system 139% cpu 3:34.05 total 74 %

  1. See full /proc/cpuinfo in this gist