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GSoC-2014 isitfedoraruby - Week 2

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Here's what I've been doing last week.

Previous week

Architecture analysis

Getting to know an app from the ground up takes some time, especially if that's a framework you are not too familiar with. Luckilly, I found the railroady gem that helped me visualize how the app is structured, you can find the results here (click on one of them and see them as raw).

Deploy to a testing server

Heroku might be a nice option, but their plans were limiting the database rows. Instead, I spawned a Fedora 20 droplet in digitalocean and deployed it there. I used postgres as a database backend, unicorn serving the app and nginx as a reverse proxy.

First of all, I had to enable SELinux, I had to, it was off by default. Then I changed a boolean to make nginx work:

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

Started fixing bugs

I keep finding small bugs that I currently keep track in my trello board. There is currently a discussion to move isitfedoraruby to a more general namespace, so until then I'm working on my fork and the trello board.

This week

Setting up rspec

As this is the primary testing tool, I have started writing the first scenarios and along the way I'll be adding the actual tests.