Open source matters

Foss Ntua

We have a local free and open source community in my university where I am a sysadmin. We host several services such as a wiki, a forum, a couple of mailing lists, a statusnet instance and a public server hosting our members' personal sites. Mine is here. From time to time we run seminars and workshops where everyone is free to attend.


I've been using Archlinux as my main distribution since 2007. I maintain several packages at the AUR and I try to contribute to the Archwiki whenever I can. I am also a member of an unofficial package team in Greece, where we serve a repository with popular packages that aren't in the official repos. I have also contributed to the localization of pacman and the AUR interface. Check my transifex profile at Contact Details. Recently I helped to package the snf-image-creator tool of the synnefo IaaS.


Recently I started getting involved with Fedora, mainly because of the GSoC 2013 program. It has a vast community with many developers and users who are always willing to help and that's the beauty with it :) I'll probably fill in more info once I get more involved (which is something I intend to do).


GitLab is an open source git repository application, built on Ruby on Rails. I have been using it since version 2.0 and started contributing as of version 4.0. In this page you will find all my patches that were accepted by upstream. A relative article can be found here.



My greatest love is Aikido, a japanese martial art. I first started in January 2010 and have attended a bunch of seminars since. I maintain the site of our dojo and our social pages (facebook, twitter, youtube, gplus). You can check some photos here. My limited skills on graphical design led me to do the artwork of our dojo as well. Source files can be found on github.


I have an old Olympus DSLR and whenever I have the chance I get pictures. My main interest is my pets, but I also take landscapes as well. Some day I hope to buy a more advanced camera which supports custom firmware in order to hack it :p

I'll post a link with my photos once I get them sorted

Online Courses

Probably not much of a hobby but I do these on my free time, so:



I looooove food. I also love to cook :) My favorite chef is Jamie Oliver and I have almost all of his shows and have atempted to cook a bunch of his foods. I once tried to make a 30 minute meal. It took me 3 hours... but it was sure worth the effort.

I'll post some of my favorite recipes in due time.


  • The big Lebowski: This is where my blog's name is taken :)
  • Sin City

I will be adding more, frequently.


The list is so vast that I will probably forget someone. Those with an asterisk, I have seen them live (some more than once):

Progressive rock/metal

Pink Floyd, Tool*, Dream Theater*, Queensryche*, Pain of Salvation*, Fates Warning*,





Contact details

Email       : axilleas [at] axilleas [dot] me
IRC         : axil42 (freenode)
PGP key     : 0xABF99BE5
Github      : axilleas
Twitter     : _axil
Google+     : https://plus.google.com/u/0/108076288136257590130
Transifex   : https://transifex.com/accounts/profile/kissmyarch/